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Molla Import Export Company (Pvt.) Ltd.
M/s. Shahidul Haque Molla
Molla Machineries & Motors

Molla Import Export Company (Pvt.) Limited, a concern of M/S. Shahidul Haque Molla, imports agricultural machineries and equipments such as Power Tillers, Diesel Engines, Electric Motors, Centrifugal Pumps, JET Pumps, Alternators and Generator sets. We are operating our business through Molla Machineries & Motors. It is also a concern of M/S. Shahidul Haque Molla

Bangladesh is an agricultural country & most of the people of our country are very poor. The main objective of our company is to serve the farmers from the root level, especially to the poor farmers by providing machineries & equipments with higher quality at suitable price.

We are the Sole Agent of

Fuchai Diesel Engine & Power Tiller;

Changchai Diesel Engine & Power Tiller;

Kaijieli Alternator, Generator & motor .

Xiangtan Diesel Engine;

We are the Agent of

YD (Shuanghe) Diamond Diesel Engine ;
EMEI Diesel Engine ;
JD (Jiang Dong) Diesel Engine & Power Tiller
Double Bird Diesel Engine

DongFeng Diesel Engine ;

We have our own brands. They are as follows:

Young King Diesel Engine and Power Tiller;
M-Co Sifeng Diesel Engine & Power Tiller;
Golden Ring Diesel Engine;
DF Molla Diesel Engine;
Molla JET Pump;
Molla Centrifugal Pump &
Molla Electric Motor.

Furthermore, we also sell many companies' products & covering major parts of Diesel Engine Market.

Ensuring the quality is first priority of our company. For that we only import & supply good quality products. We believe & we are encouraged by


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Molla Machineries & Motors
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